What can the consumer do:

  • Buying products made from lesser used/known wood species - Tropical rainforest hosts a broad range of diverse timber species but few timber species are being used in the market today. Buying lesser known species secures a better balance between what the FSC certified rainforests can supply on a sustainable and responsible basis and this gives essential better economic for the forest operations and ensures a long term diverse species composition in the forests.
  • Avoid buying wood products from virgin rainforests areas in no eminent danger of being removed or converted, because this opens up the forests through access points into the forest. Instead buy FSC timber products from tropical rainforest areas which are in danger of being converted.
  • Always ask about the species, the origin and credible proofs of sustainability when buying ANY wood product.
  • Tell others the story of tropical rainforest protection through clever and sustainable use of the rich and diverse products the forests can provide.
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