The Tray in Curaco de negro

The Tray from Munio in Curaco de negro

Canopy Wood name: Curacao de negro
Scientific name: "swartzia spp"

  • Central Amazonia, Brazil, State of Amazonia.

Locate and watch there the lesser-known timer species come from through Google
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02 49 33S, 58 42 07W (copy and paste this string or click hereclick here) The forest is North West, North East and South East from here. The AM010 is very close to the forest border. Notice how deforestation occurs along the AM010.

From these points, move 250 km to the South East into the state of Para and notice the severe deforestation (currently about 4% annually) coming in from the East and progressing into the Eastern parts of the State of Amazonia.

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