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PANDORA products

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In 2008 PANDORA decided to create a range of jewelry wood bead based on Canopy Wood guidelines and produced by Rainforest Protection Initiative ApS. The result is a series of 5 wood beads made of lesser known timber species of Amazonia, showing the beauty of tropical rainforest and expressing support for tropical rainforest protection through certified sustainable forestry.  The series will shortly be available in jewelry shops around the world.

Based on beautiful lesser-known wood species,  the PANDORA range of wood Jewelry items reflect the beauty of natural rainforest woods and the significant diversity of colors and patterns in tropical rainforest trees as well as underlining rainforest protection and proper socio-economic conditions for people living in the forests.

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MUNIO Living

Munio Collection SpringSommer 2010.

In 2010 Munio decided to create a serie of high quality interior design products that contribute to preserving the planet's endangered rainforests.

The series is based on Canopy Wood guidlines.

The result is a collection design by the Spanish-swiss helena Rohner and consists of three Bowls, three Vases, four Trays and four Candleholders.

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MUNIO Jewelry

Munio Collection SpringSommer 2010.

Verdens Skove when a jewelry item is purchased.


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