Canopy Wood name: muirapiranga

Scientific name: brosimum rubescens


Widely distributed throughout tropical South America.

Botanical features

Muirapiranga is a significant canopy hardwood species in the rainforest. It easily grows to more than 35 meters.

It is a slender and normally very straight tree.

The tree is said to be useable for a variety of medical used derived from both leaves and the bark.

The wood

The wood is very hard and very heavy. It sinks in water even when it's dry. It is almost twice as heavy as maple wood. It is very difficult to use in production and is therefore normally only used for special applications such as inlay furniture.

Muirapiranga is a severely underutilized timber species despite its extraordinarily beautiful red/orange appearance.

The wood comes in a variety of colours surrounding a basic brown orangey colour.

The wood tends to splinter in production along some fragmentation lines.

The wood has what is called counter growth, which generally means that it is producing very big amounts of waste in industrial production, which makes it unsuitable for flooring for example.

Under the Canopywood code of conduct, harvesting this species in limited numbers does not in any shape or form threaten this species from extinction in the area from where it originates. In fact it helps preserve other trees of the same gender nearby.

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