Canopy WoodTM is a concept for tropical rainforest protection through sustainably derived timber products based on lesser known timber species developed by Rainforest Protection Initiative ApS.

The Canopy Wood code of conduct aims for high forestry, ethical and environmental standards in the supply chain of wood prodcuts from suppliers and out to the consumer. All products bearing the CW logo must adhere to the following code of ethics and forest managers must promote the same high standards in their supply chains. The code of conduct below is based on internationally recognised standards set out by NGOs around the world as well as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and local laws.

Below is a brief description of the elements included in the Canopy Wood code of conduct. For the complete description, please download the complete Canopy WoodTM code of conduct on this page. 

Download the full Canopy Wood code of conduct policy document

Download the code of conduct guidelines and definition related to lesser know species

Download the guidelines for dealing with endangered species

Download the code of conduct guidelines and policies related to deforestation risk

Download the guidelines for calculating CO2

Excellent practises might not always be available in an imperfect world. Where there is room for improvement consumers can rest assured that the producers and operators under Canopy WoodTM




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