Canopy Wood name: Acapu

Scientific name: Vouacapoua Americana



With small genetic variations, the genus vouacapoua ranges from the Northern part of South America to about 5 degrees south of the equator in Amazonia. Some sources suggest that acapu might be endangered in the state of Para, Brazil due to severe deforestation and to some degree local over exploitation of the species in Para.

Botanical features

The wood

The wood comes in a variety of colours and structures and is used locally in Brazil for various and mainly smaller applications. The heartwood is very dense and normally brown with strikingly beautiful textures but also comes with yellow, red and orange features. The wood is very durable and weighs about 900 KG per M3, which is about 25% more than European Beech. Acapu is a typical lesser-known species, which is virtually non existent in the export markets, despite having excellent qualities, and no European or American trees have quite the same amazing combination of colour, texture and pattern.

Under the Canopywood code of conduct, harvesting this species in limited numbers does not in any shape or form threaten this species from extinction in the area from where it originates. In fact it helps preserve other trees of the same gender nearby.

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